Introduction to ICOs
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Our Introduction to ICOs email course over the next ten days will give you an introduction to ICOs and Token Sales. In the course, you will learn about the basics you need to know:

 - How ICOs work, and why they are increasingly being called Token Sales,
 - Why Token Sales are used to finance blockchain-based start-ups,
 - Some of the key things to look out - including many of the sites that rate Token Sales.

You will also learn about the practicalities of Token Sales, such as buying into them using Bitcoin or Ethereum and some of the more advanced ideas behind them:

 - the new science of crypto economics
    - The importance of token utility
    - Coin circulation within the ecosystem being created,
  - the regulation of Token Sales and the latest thinking and trends
  - the importance of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

You will also see details of Token Sales that:
  - raised $208m
  - raised $10m in 6 hours,
  - raised $35m in just 24 seconds!

Each of the 10 email lessons are bite-sized with each only taking a couple of minutes out of your day.

So, sign up below and start learning more about this exciting new wave that is sweeping the world and see how you can capitalize on it!


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